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Rio X-Line: the key problem of the passenger “crossover”

Over the past month, X-line has helped me make repairs and move. On the spaciousness of the cabin, which can be shoved, in principle, almost everything, I have already written. Thus, a pair of interior doors, fittings, endless corners, baseboards, buckets, bags and other delights of the building easily fit into the Kiyanka. Even the furniture, however, disassembled.

X-line transports doors and furniture
At the same time, the car lacked two things: a normally unfolded passenger compartment with a flat floor, or at least a forward-folding backrest of a passenger front seat and an adequate tire pressure sensor.

The pressure sensor began to flash as soon as heavy things were loaded in the Kia. But at the same time, somehow, in the winter, I drove several tens of meters with the rear wheel lowered to zero, and the car didn’t even squeak at all.

To convince the sensor that everything is fine is not difficult – you just need to stop, insert P and press the SET button for three seconds. In all six or seven cases in this incomplete year, the alarm was false, and once there was no alarm at all, but in general there should have been.

The wheel went down to zero, and the pressure sensor did not even squeak
We dashed a little more than 23 thousand kilometers. The next caring hands X-Line left with 51+ thousand on the odometer. Until the next time, there is still a lot of time, but the oil is already black and quite small. The “automatic” is kicking (although, as the comparison with another Dromov machine showed, it’s hard to call it with kicks). No other problems, concerns and concerns of the car for 50 thousand was not found.

The final story of our story will be an illustration of the saying “kroilovo leads to a hit”. This story is long. It began in September, when I lost the key fob with a key.

Keychain that was lost
An old saying can be an epigraph to this text: fear your desires – they come true. It happened to me when I once again wondered what we could do with Kia so that it was both interesting and useful.

So, at the end of September, the car key disappeared. The one without which it turns into real estate. It was like this: in the morning it was necessary to run around the city center. And it is to run, because it is more expensive to drive by car from the center to the center.

I went down to the car, opened it, threw a couple of bags, which then had to be dragged to work. Closed Kia, removed the key and went about their business. I did not return to the house again; I went to work on foot and quietly stayed there until evening.

The next day, Kia and I had an appointment for a dealer in Sumotori for a free diagnosis of the heater fan and software update in the multimedia system. And the car after several business trips and trips did not differ in purity. Give, I think, I wash, or something. And get all the unnecessary things. I dress, I am going, as usual I climb into my bag for the key-ring – it is not there. Still not worrying, I rush through the pockets of my jacket. Not. I call for work, already starting to get nervous. Also no.

And then begins the dance, familiar to all who have ever lost something important. Three hundred and thirty-three views in the same corners. Evening jogging on the same route, which went by day. Every corner, every puddle, every pit, every heap of leaves. Not. I thought that was all, kapets. But it turned out that this is a kapets, but not all.

The next day I call the dealer – the key can be made, the issue price is 20,000 rubles for a key ring and another 5000 – firmware. And only with the second set of keys. Where he is is not clear. The whole Saturday was devoted to the search for the ill-fated charm. Announcement on “Farpost”, leaving a phone number in all passing organizations, interviewing neighbors and that’s all. No keys.

In the car, in addition to the necessary documents, lay still insurance, equipment for work and some things such as interchangeable shoes. All this very much wanted to pick up. In the course went to the attempt to open the car without a key, but the “bearman” of me is so-so. Desperate to cope on my own and at the same time do not break anything (and I can get crazy and tear off some important detail), I call a specially trained person.

The master, having arrived, asked about the documents on the car – they do not open strangers. Showed a link to the blog, what other options. Mustache, paws and tail – these are my documents. The master believed and for 1500 rubles he opened the car for about ten seconds with an inflatable wedge and wire. Know – this is real, fast and easy. Take care of your cars and do not rely on regular security systems.

The inflatable wedge is a dense cushion with a tight edge and a pear

Inserted at an angle between the door and the pillar

Inflates pear …

A gap is formed that is sufficient so that the wire crawls into the cabin. Next is the workout.
“I lost my keys,” I say.

– Lost yesterday? – Suddenly asked the master. – Yesterday there was some kind of a frizz. Man ten keys lost, opened the car.

Magnetic storm – a weak excuse for a person who does not lose even business cards, not to mention the documents and keys. It was necessary for this to happen that for the first time in my life I lost the key from Kia.

I am interested in a person how much it costs to make and flash a new key chain.

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