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The most insane Kayenas in history. Better than a Porsche

Over the 17 years that Kayenas have been producing (of all three generations), an incredible number of variations of the exterior styling of this model has been created. Extended, understated, hung with carbon on the very roof – so different, but at the same time they are the same at the same time. Of course, some TechArt Magnum will allow you to stand out among the standard crossovers on the road, but exactly before the meeting, say, with the Lumma CLR 558 GT or Hamann Guardian. Let’s leave them to lead a fascinating dispute on the topic “but my spoiler is longer!”. We are interested in more interesting projects. Among the usual tuning plastic-carbon monotony there are real unique people who radically change the usual image of the Cayenne.

Rinspeed chopster
They say that the first copy of Chopster (with the serial number 001) from the presentation in Geneva in 2004 went straight to Russia, to Kemerovo. It was one of the first and most radical projects based on the first generation Cayenne. Chopster is the brainchild of Frank Rinderknecht and the Swiss company Rinspeed, known for its exotic projects such as the Splash amphibious car or the Bedouin transformer pick-up truck based on the Porsche 911 in the body of the 996.

The Swiss version of the Cayenne, developed with the participation of the German engineering company EDAG, received a very understated roof (its racks are shortened by 150 mm). Hence the name: in the slang of American hot-rod, such a remake of the body is called “chop” (“chop off, cut off”). This led to the need to develop a new glazing and re-calculate the rigidity not only of the roof, but of the whole body, which also received extended wings, new bumpers and masked rear doors. In the “swing” arches fit 23-inch wheels with tires 315/25.

The biturbo 4.5-liter V8, which received from the German company BSO 2001 a modified exhaust system, two new intercoolers and a retuned engine control unit, develops 600 hp. (the serial Cayenne Turbo at that time – in 2004 – had 450 hp).

Salon welcomes passengers with four individual Recaro seats in silver carbon
The first Russian buyer, according to rumors, was upset about the level of interior decoration and sent a crossover for revision to Moscow specialists. With their help, Chopster received a new leather interior with wooden inserts and an improved multimedia system.

NCE Cayenne Convertible
Have you ever seen Tesla Model S cabriolets, Porsche Panamera, Nissan GTR, Lexus LX 570 or BMW X6? And they are! It is enough to apply to the Californian studio NCE (Newport Convertible Engineering), and the Americans will demolish the roof of any car. It happened with the Stuttgart crossover. The open Cayenne got an electrically folding canvas awning. To preserve the rigidity of the body whenever possible, the central pillars of the roof with a crossbar are retained (as well as the side window frames). While the company offers such modifications for the first and second generations of the Cayenne, but judging by the enthusiasm of the NCE, the third edition of the crossover is unlikely to avoid such a fate.

By the way, the idea of ​​an open Cayenne at one time hatched themselves Porsche. The Porsche Cayenne Cabrio concept car based on the first-generation crossover received a two-door body with a safety arch over the rear seats, a full four-seater cabin and a 4.5-liter V8 with 450 hp. Alas, the Germans found the idea too radical and unpromising. A prototype of the Cayenne Cabrio is currently on display at the Porsche factory museum.

Eterniti artemis
A newcomer to the auto business, the British company Eterniti decided to start its journey into the world of tuning with a deep refinement of the second generation Cayenne Turbo. In 2012, at the Beijing Salon, the company presented a project Artemis, created with the participation of Alistair McQueen, who had once worked on a supercar Jaguar XJ220. It is clear why his version of Kayen with carbon fiber body panels looks more like a Jaguar than a Porsche.

In spite of their colleagues from other studios, the master of Eterniti did without the absurd heap of spoilers, rear wings and splitters. At the same time, it’s not immediately possible to recognize the donor in Artemis. But inside it is the same Cayenne, sewn into quilted leather and trimmed with wood, carbon fiber and panels covered with piano lacquer without measure. The interior is strictly four-seater, and for the convenience of rear passengers, the second-row seats are shifted 10 cm deep into the trunk. In the wheel arches sparkle forged 23-inch wheels with tires dimension 315/25 R23. Under the hood swung up to 600 hp and 750 Nm Porshevsky V8 4.8 with two turbochargers (not very much in comparison with the most powerful serial Cayenne Turbo S as of 2012: 550 hp and 750 Nm). Declared maximum speed – 290 km / h.

Merdad Collection Cayenne Coupe
Porsche itself did not dare to make the Cayenne Coupe a “three-door”. The serial “coupe” turned out to be a five-door with a more sloping roof. But the London studio of Merdad Collection has long mastered the production of “trehdverok” based on the second-generation Cayenne.

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