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Why did I choose IQOS? Motorist experience

In the modern world you cannot live by the laws of the beginning of the 20th century. More precisely it is possible, but it is somehow silly. Hybrids and electric cars come to replace cars with an internal combustion engine. Their advantages are obvious to all, and the disadvantages are gradually eliminated. Even our habits are transformed. For example, cigarettes give way to a gadget for heating IQOS tobacco. I am sure that avid smokers will appreciate it. And that’s why.
Why did I choose IQOS? Motorist experience
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With habits you can fight, you can withdraw from the old and accustom yourself to the new. But, anyway, habits are part of the personality, a way of self-expression and the ability to stay in the comfort zone. Of course, smoking is one of the most pernicious and common addictions, but it can be dealt with in many ways. When a person is not yet ready to give up nicotine, it is worth trying a reasonable alternative. For example, switch to an IQOS device.

What is IQOS?

In a nutshell, IQOS is a modern, technological, less harmful alternative to smoking. It is curious that in the development of IQOS, PMI only last year invested as much as BMW in the creation of a new generation, third series – about 500 million euros! And the total investment in product development amounted to $ 3 billion.

Despite the fact that the device is an electronic device, do not confuse IQOS with electronic cigarettes, soaring or vaping. IQOS is radically different from them both in the principle of action and in sensations. So, a special liquid saturated with nicotine is poured into electronic cigarettes. For most smokers, this transition turns out to be too radical, and soon many will return from electronic cigarettes to regular cigarettes – their taste and sensations differ too much in use.

Another thing is the development of Philip Morris International (PMI) – IQOS. Here sticks with natural tobacco are used, giving the sensations as close as possible to the habitual smoking. Moreover, the gadget gives you the opportunity to taste the real taste of tobacco without the taste of smoke and burning.

What is in the box?

A package with a hummingbird on the front and a description of the device “Electric heating system IQOS s Bluetooth IQOS” on the sides is not much different from a box with a smartphone. Even a lid is pulled out with such a pleasant effort for a perfectionist. Unless the device is still not able to call. The kit includes a charging container, a heat-stick holder, a cleaning kit, a charger, and a user manual.

IQOS is really a gadget, with the Bluetooth protocol and its application in the IQOS Connect smartphone. Here you can see the charge level of the device and the readiness of the holder to heat the stick. Also in the application answers to the most popular questions, communication with customer support and the current map of branded stores.

Charging is enough for 20 uses, that is, for one pack. Then you need to recharge the device as a smartphone – through a regular mini USB cable.
How it works?

A unique feature of IQOS is that the device does not ignite tobacco, but heats it to 300-350 degrees. Thus, a system called HeatControl heats the tobacco, rather than burns it. This is enough to extract nicotine from tobacco, without releasing harmful products of combustion. For comparison: the burning temperature of an ordinary cigarette reaches 900 degrees. With heating instead of burning, the amount of emitted harmful substances decreases by 90-95% compared with a regular cigarette.

Hit-sticks, in appearance as a half of a cigarette, are inserted into a special holder. The blade in the holder strings the stick and then heats up for twenty seconds. The sticks use whole twisted tobacco leaves, impregnated with propylene glycol-based aerosol, and a special filter that looks like a cigarette.

Why does autoua write about IQOS?

In a long journey (and in a short one, which easily turns into a distant one due to traffic jams), it is difficult to resist a puff or two. And fellow travelers do not always share this desire, not to mention the other nuances of smoking and driving. In this regard, IQOS offers a number of advantages.

Smell. There is no characteristic smell of cigarettes that irritates others and eats into the upholstery. Passengers will be grateful to you, and you will not have to reduce the price in the event of selling a car for a smoky salon.
Purely. There are no ashes and cigarette butts, the used cartridge is packed in a special section. Thus, smoking IQOS does not litter in the car and does not pollute the roads.
Without coughing. There is no characteristic cough and other negative effects from cigarettes. But you get your dose of nicotine. It has no relation to the car, but you feel right away because of your well-being.
USB charging. IQOS can be recharged via USB port right in the car. In the long road – the most it.
No fire. It means that you can’t exactly burn the seat in the car. And do not need to carry a lighter.

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