Toyota GR Supra's first test drive: the show begins!
Above the whole crowd stands a huge new Kia Telluride, which seems to weigh as much as 14 Kia ​​Forte (in Russia this model is known as Cerato - comment…

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What happens to recycled cars?
In our country, cars "die" slowly. The average global share of the fleet disposal is 6–7% per year. And in Russia, this figure is significantly lower - 2.5%. The reason…

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Which is better: chip tuning with “mechanics” or “automatic”?
How quickly kilometers fly! Our editorial Renault Kaptur is definitely not the kind of car that is bored. More than a third run at the wheel I spent. I managed…

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Volvo XC40 is already in Ukraine

Detailed 2-hour educational programs from Winner Imports Ukraine are becoming a good tradition. Differences from the usual presentations – nothing superfluous, all attention is focused on the new product. And most importantly – technical experts, and not the leading event, answer all the questions that arise without leaving the place. Or, if you want – “without departing from the machine” – if the first phase of the training took place in a “class” with slides, tables and graphs, then the second is in the box, where you can pick up a novelty on a lift, dismount or disassemble to screws.

Yes, for the time being such trainings are more like “show off TVs”, because tests are not provided. Although directly opposite the office Winner Imports Ukraine – own off-road track. But these are not ordinary presentations with a lot of random people and the questions “do you have HBO?”. The chamber atmosphere allows you to call things by their names, explain why certain know-hows are not yet available in our market and call the competitors by name, not model A and model B, directly comparing their characteristics and configuration. And the first Swedish compact crossover in this sense is simply out of competition. And this is not only because of the abundance of “safe” assistants (which only Pilot Assist, Cross Traffic Alert, City Safety!), Volvo has always had more than anyone, including passenger liners. Now, the Swedes are advancing on digital and social fronts. We are talking about the Care by Volvo service, the highlight of which is in the absence of the classical algorithm for acquiring a car with an indispensable visit to the showroom, loan processing, insurance, getting numbers, etc. You simply order the equipment you like via the company’s website ) and once a month you pay a monthly fee, which includes a concierge service like refueling, washing and service. And earn by renting a car in car sharing. The nearest country to us, in which this miracle service is already operating, is Poland.

Volvo XC 40
Although it is more correct to say that the Swedes are attacking on all fronts at once. After all, this is not just a debut compact (4425/1863/1652 mm) brand crossover, but also the firstborn of the “transverse” CMA platform, developed in conjunction with Geely. So soon the model will have a hybrid and all-electric version.

It is gratifying that in Gothenburg they did not follow the path of scaling in the classroom – we have a completely new exterior, exactly the same look as the concept 40.1.

So far, the new product is available only with a pair of 2-liter “fours” of the Drive-E family, familiar to us from the Volvo XC60. Both the petrol T5 (247 hp.) And the diesel D4 (190 hp.) Are aggregated with an 8-speed “automatic” and multi-plate clutch for connecting the rear wheels. The most interesting positions in the “order table” are a sports or adaptive suspension, a glass roof, a 12.3-inch dashboard, 13-speaker Harman / Kardon speakers, induction charging, and a Volvo On Call app that tells you the location of the car and remotely opens it / closes, warms up / cools the interior, not to mention the usual services of such applications.

Volvo XC 40 vs. rivals
Usually the price is another competitive advantage of Volvo cars over the “Deutsche Twisted”. But not this time – the price list starts from a solid mark of 1.4 million UAH. The fact is that the importer has decided to abandon the basic configurations, plus affordable versions with a 1.5-liter “troika”, monoprivial transmission and manual transmission will appear later. And yet 1408784 UAH. for diesel D4 Momentum is a lot, especially against the background of Mercedes GLA 200d 4matic and BMW X1 xDrive20i, for which they ask for 1,079680 and 1,084994 million UAH. respectively. Until the end of the year it is planned to sell 90 pieces.

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Volvo XC40 is already in Ukraine
Detailed 2-hour educational programs from Winner Imports Ukraine are becoming a good tradition. Differences from the usual presentations - nothing superfluous, all attention is focused on the new product. And…