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Flour choice: Ford Focus or Mazda 3
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Mercedes-Benz Star Roadshow Experience: a show with stars

As a rule, the last day of summer is a sad holiday. But not this year. As if in a hurry to acquaint us with the novelties of the autumn season, the Star Experience arrived in Kiev earlier than usual. And not empty-handed, having brought 17 new products on three auto transporters at once – from the city hatchback C43 Coupe to the Vito Marco Polo caravan. As one of the guests of the event put it, “I felt like 4-year-old Cyril, who was brought to the toy store and allowed to choose any.” In particular, we got acquainted with the limited (500 copies) GT C roadster, tested the newest S-Class, tried the AMG line and the plug-in hybrid family. And they did all this on the runway of the Borispol airport, which is increasingly becoming a testing ground for exploring high-end cars. Today, this is probably the only place where you can find out what Mercedes can really do. And not only to learn, but also, thanks to professional instructors, to learn how to use the full potential of their design. Plus, try out the latest technologies of active and passive safety, because often the client of the brand often guesses about the algorithm of their work.

Mercedes Star Expirience In motion, hybrid “Mercedes” is not so easy to distinguish from the ordinary. External signs are the firm saturated blue color of the brake calipers of the lens edging, an additional hatch in the rear bumper for charging the traction battery and the letter “e” after the digital index.
Mercedes star expirience

My program began with what seemed to be the most mundane section – acquaintance with braking assistants. But the very first words of the pre-start instruction were cheered up. “I want you to accelerate and brake with all your might. – Wolfgang Zepmeysel was extremely brief. – So much as if you want to break the pedals.” On the question of whether it is possible to put pressure on them with both feet, the German, without hesitation, issued “everything that you can reach.” And in the future, the instructors of the Driving Events division (this year there were no ladies among them) did not stand on ceremony, commenting on our actions and correcting errors.

Mercedes star expirience
On Road Drive Plug-in Hybrid

The runway was given no, not the AMG Agility Course, but the hybrid Mercedes, which every year in the concern’s line becomes more and more. Next year they will be sold with us. The presented models, in spite of different families and indices, are equipped with the same type 2-liter 211-horsepower internal combustion engines and 88-electric motors. However, it is becoming more and more difficult to distinguish them from “ordinary” confreres – now they are driven and driven almost in the same way, only more dynamically, more quietly and much more economically. For example, a synergistic GLC depending on the selected “mod” (there is Electric, Charge, Hybrid and E-Save) consumes from 2.1 l / 100 km. Autonomous run-up in E-Mode (that is, only on electric) is 30-35 km at a speed mode of 130 km / h. But the most interesting is the intellectual management system a la Rolls Royce, creatively reworked to meet the needs of “hybrids.” Based on the navigation tips about the steepness of turns, speed limits and the nature of the terrain, it calculates the algorithm of the vehicle for the next 8 km. For example, before launching, the electronics activates the Charge Mode, which allows the traction battery to be fully charged during the recovery process.

The main advantage of the Plug-in-Hybrid technology from conventional hybrids is the ability to charge the battery, not only during the recovery process, but also by connecting to the electrical grid. From an ordinary household outlet, it charges in 3 hours.

Mercedes Star Expirience Due to its length, the track allowed us to develop very high speeds, which means to appreciate not only the acceleration and braking dynamics of AMG versions, but also the efficiency of auxiliary systems.
AMG Agility Course

Apothecian Star Experience was undoubtedly the last station. Indeed, this year the line of charged Mercedes looks more than ever tempting – the Germans have prepared a lot of innovations for the half-century anniversary of AMG. Relishing that, instructors continually brought us back to earth. Like, listen to your fifth point and are in the car, not outside it. Translated from German-English to understandable – do not “aggravate” the situation with the sport + and Race presets, if you are not sure that you will stay on the trajectory and concentrate on driving, rather than head in the clouds. Sorry, Herr Hofmann, went through the pace a couple of times with the pace – the E63 is too masterful and hides speed. And the slalom track literally provoked to go round in a power slip. After all, it was laid entirely on slippery concrete slabs.

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