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Ukrainian engineers help create smart cars for drivers around the world

The car is becoming more and more like a smartphone: you can connect to Wi-Fi, receive phone calls, listen to music via Bluetooth. In addition, car security systems are becoming smarter. They allow to reduce the number of accidents, as well as unpleasant statistics of injuries to drivers and passengers.

In 2019 it is 60 years old, as a three-point safety belt was put into operation, which all automakers now use. And if then the attention of automakers was focused on security and multimedia, now it is a basic option, and automakers need to go even further to gain the attention of buyers. Despite this, manufacturers are constantly improving this basis, making travel by car even more comfortable and safer.

Volvo PV544In 1957, the Volvo PV544 was the first mass-produced passenger car in the world to receive a three-point seat belt as an option. In 1959, he entered the basic equipment of the model.
In addition to the above-mentioned belts in each car there are other systems of active and passive safety. The active system includes everything that works before an auto collision, for example, a brake. Even an air conditioner that prevents the windshield from misting up and widening the angle of view is also an active system. Everything that works after a collision of a car is considered to be passive safety. For example, airbags in normal condition do not work, but are included only in an emergency. Other important systems that protect the driver and passenger from injury are created by IT engineers: these are complex software solutions that help the car analyze the condition of the road in real time, exchange data with other cars and the infrastructure of the city.

Ukraine occupies one of the leading places in the contribution to the development of new car concepts. Thanks to the experience and dedication of Ukrainian engineers, autonomous driving systems, multimedia and navigation systems for leading automakers in Europe and the USA are being developed in the country.

For example, in the company GlobalLogic automotive industry is one of the key. Engineers are developing algorithms for autonomous traffic, for the recognition of road objects and planning the route of traffic, depending on the situation on the road. To do this, it is not enough for engineers to have programming skills, but you still need to understand automotive standards: understand the design of the car, what materials are used to make these or other car parts, and how these parts work together. To do this, GlobalLogic constantly develops the expertise of its specialists: conducts trainings, technical reports, attaches engineers to webinars and events on topics relevant to current and potential tasks of teams.

The recent visit of engineers to Winner Imports Ukraine also applies to such a learning event. Winner Imports Ukraine is the official importer of many well-known automotive brands in Ukraine, one of which is Volvo. Representatives of the company invited engineers of GlobalLogic to try out the live security and navigation systems that are now present in Volvo cars, and demonstrated in practice how they work. It helps manufacturers and engineers to look at such developments from one point of view, to propose new ideas and update existing technologies in a timely manner. Moreover, Ukrainian developers are not only engaged in supporting existing automotive systems, but also to a large extent are the engine of new initiatives and trends in the automotive industry.

Car test
If we talk in more detail about the automobile innovations that are being developed in Ukraine, the most important of them concern security systems. Conventionally, these systems can be divided into more standard and advanced levels.

The identification of pedestrians, drivers, road signs, road markings and cars with which it is possible to collide usually refers to the standard level of safety of new cars and, for example, is an integral part of the basic Volvo car. Speech about such technologies as CC – Cruise Control, SL – Speed ​​Limiter, RSI – Road Sign Information, DAC – Driver Alert Control, LDW – Lane Departure Warning.

At the heart of an advanced security system – the ability to auto take on some of the functions of the autopilot. For example, keep in the lane, maintain the distance to the vehicle in front, slow down or stop the car to avoid a collision. In these cases, use ACC – Adaptive Cruise Control, PA – Pilot Assist, DA – Distance Alert, LKA – Lane Keeping Aid and ASL – Automatic Speed ​​Limiter.

There may be a lot of technologies for advanced auto, but the main focus of the manufacturers is now on the technology of movement safety in the city – City Safety, which is also part of the basic system of Volvo cars.

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