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Total and Citroen: 50 years on top

Both first and second, Total and Citroen are famous for their triumphs in rally, raids and marathons – that is, away from the autodromes with ideally smooth asphalt and where cars that are technically close to serial ones compete. But there were in the history of cooperation between the two brands and formula series, the first of which was F-Bleue.

In 1965, the regional dealer of Citroën Maurice-Emile Pézou proposed the French car department MEP – a draft of the youth formula. Maximum use of components from cheap Citroen Ami 6 made such race cars relatively affordable. But too much “meps” turned out to be low-speed: the 600-cubic 25-horsepower motors hardly accelerated them to 130 km / h.

Citroen Total 50 At the beginning of the twentieth century, it was not the pilots who fought in the races and not even the marks – the audience was going to watch the “Battle of the Nations”. Each team was awarded its own color: Italian cars were painted in rossa corsa, English – in british racing Green, French – in bleu de France. The name of Formula-Bleue beaten up the “national idea” – the goal of the series, which was supported even by the President of the Fifth Republic, Valerie d’Etten Giscard, was the search for talented French youth.

And the FFSA officials, in turn, turned to their long-time partners Total and Citroen for comprehensive assistance. Which financed the construction of fifty fireballs, although those at a cost of 24 thousand francs cost the participants three times cheaper. And this is despite the fact that now “meps” were equipped with components and assemblies from the only debuted Citroën GS – the first car, all technical liquids for which Total and Citroen were preparing hand in hand. Companions, of course, it was interesting to test the components of the GS in peak loads – now Citroen formulas accelerated to 200-210 km / h. But the most important thing is that the monocube opened the doors to big sports to a whole galaxy of young French riders, the search for which was the main goal of the F-Bleue and all those who helped her.

Formula E (2015-2019)

Being one of the leaders of the energy industry, Total comprehensively cares about the environment and strongly supports the development of alternative energy sources. Therefore, the company enthusiastically met the creation of Formula E, which is called the “electrical” F-1. In 2014, Total, together with Citroën, decided to take part in the newly-made championship, which is an excellent tool for the development, research and promotion of electric vehicles.

Citroen Total 50 Total’s victories in the youngest and most promising championship – Formula E – began in the very first season. Sam Bird led his Spark-Citroën DSV-01 to the first spot on the highway that runs along the streets of Buenos Aires and is surrounded by a living corridor of hundreds of thousands of spectators. And in the future, the fans were pleased with a spectacular ride.
And the victories were not long in coming – in the debut championship Sam Bird led his Spark-Citroën DSV-01 to the first place in the Argentine race. Season later, the Briton excelled in two stages of the championship. And in the recently-finished 2017-2018 season, he almost single-handedly pulled the team into third place, earning 2 wins and 4 podiums.

The 2018/2109 season opened up a new era in the championship: thanks to significant changes in technical regulations and the ability to design electric motors, large “players” rushed into it – BMW, Nissan and Mercedes, on the approach of Porsche, Ford and Honda. Nevertheless, in the very start of the season by the forces of Jean-Eric Verne and Andre Lotterer in the championship is the French team.

Citroen Total 50 Having won all that is possible in the WCC, the pilot of Citroën Total Juan-Maria Lopez for the season 2016-2017 strengthened the ranks of “chevrons” in Formula E. And, despite the fundamentally different techniques and methods of piloting, the three-time world champion obtained two podiums in the piggy bank of the “electric” team.

Total and Citroen: 50 years on top
Both first and second, Total and Citroen are famous for their triumphs in rally, raids and marathons - that is, away from the autodromes with ideally smooth asphalt and where…


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