Buying a used car
Of course, the purchase of a new car, and a used one, has its pros and cons. When you buy a new car, in almost 999 of 1000 cases you…

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Which is better: chip tuning with “mechanics” or “automatic”?
How quickly kilometers fly! Our editorial Renault Kaptur is definitely not the kind of car that is bored. More than a third run at the wheel I spent. I managed…

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The most insane Kayenas in history. Better than a Porsche
Over the 17 years that Kayenas have been producing (of all three generations), an incredible number of variations of the exterior styling of this model has been created. Extended, understated,…

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Caution, leaf fall!

With the onset of October, the daylight hours are noticeably decreasing, it rains more often and colds come up. So it’s time to carry out car maintenance and remember the nuances of the autumn car ride. On the eve of the launch of the new friction model Hakkapeliitta R3 / R3 SUV, the specialists of NokianTyres prepared a small set of tips for motorists.

1. With the onset of autumn air temperature drops. And along with it – and tire pressure, for which now need to watch more often in the summer. Otherwise, you can face increased wear of the tires themselves, increased fuel consumption or, in the case of electric cars, power reserve, deterioration of controllability and increased stopping distance. And there and close to the emergency.

2. We say “autumn” – we mean “rain.” Together with increased precipitation, the risk of such a dangerous phenomenon as aquaplaning increases. Therefore, when driving on wet roads, reduce speed and be especially careful when driving large puddles. For at too high speed, even with the wheels turned in the right direction, it will not be possible to turn them into wheels.

3. Equally seriously can degrade tire grip and over-foliage. Again, wet leaves are especially dangerous, slippery as ice. Do not forget about it and try to observe the speed limit, especially since recently the “maximum speed” in our cities has been reduced from 60 to 50 km / h.

4. Compliance with the speed limit is extremely important when approaching educational institutions, most of which start classes in the fall. After all, sometimes even honored teachers on the road behave like repeaters.

5. Reducing daylight requires the prevention of the optics of your car. If necessary, adjust the light beam, replace the dim bulbs and, if there are headlight washers, check if the nozzles are clogged.

6. In the cold season, energy consumption increases, which means that the load on the battery increases. In order to avoid the embarrassing situation at the most inappropriate moment, replace the old battery with a new one.

7. It is very picturesque to leave for the night the car under a maple or chestnut, and in the morning to find it skillfully draped by an unknown artist. Do not be lazy to clean the foliage including the space behind the grill of the false radiator lining and the cavity where the wiper drive mechanism is located.

8. Cleanliness is a guarantee of not only health, but also security. To maximize the transparency of windows, wash them with addiction and do not forget to replace the washer fluid with antifreeze.

9. Spend some time and money on the prevention of paintwork – apply a protective polish to the body, which will protect it from moisture and dirt. It would be good, without waiting for the winter, to upgrade both the anticorrosion coating of the bottom and the hidden body cavities. After all, timely care – the key to long service body.

10. And, of course, as cold weather approaches, you should check winter tires. And, if the residual tread height is less than 4 mm, it will be concerned with choosing a new one.

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