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RR top manager Frank Timann: we combined 4×4 with luxury architecture

Her Majesty’s subjects love their heritage, their history and traditions. And multiply them to the best of their abilities and capabilities. A spring visit to the capital of Frank Timann, which this time told us about diamonds in paint, invisible carbon fiber radar, preferences of Ukrainian clients, brand capsule collections, preparing for the production of the flagship Phantom sedan and the first all-wheel drive Cullinan, has already become a good tradition.

– Rolls-Royce Motor Cars literally didn’t have 53 cars to close the record of 2014, when 4063 Royce were sold. Is the current sales result a success or a failure?

– The past year was definitely successful for our company: we handed over 4011 cars to buyers against 3785 cars in 2015. This is the second result for the entire more than a century of Rolls-Royce. Our sales increased by 6%, but the 30% growth of the European market is especially encouraging. It means that we are aligning the regional geography of sales, in which not so long ago North America and the Middle East were leading by a large margin. In today’s countries, the top three look like this: the United States, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. So, the results of the past year can be considered an excellent result, especially in the conditions of the still not restored market of luxury goods. In addition, one of our key sales markets continues to be in a fever – Chinese. But it is important to understand that the sales volumes for us are not an end in themselves, we do not need millions of copies, we do not plan to compete with the mass market. Quite the contrary – only limited circulation is the key to exclusivity. A guarantor that our client will not meet another Rolls-Royce in the parking lot or at the traffic light.

Rolls Royce Sales of Rolls-Royce cars in 2003-2016
– What is the share of the Ukrainian market in the total number of sales?

– According to one of our long-standing traditions established by the co-founder of the company, Henry Royce, we are voicing only the total number of copies issued. I can assure you that Ukrainians are still interested and are buying our cars. And not only in the domestic market: they willingly purchase them for their overseas residences.

– In our previous meetings, you focused on the fact that Ukrainians are increasingly not buying ready-made Royces, but order custom sewing at the Bespoke atelier. What is the picture today?

– This trend is good news – it says that our customers get the most. At first, your compatriots did come to the showroom and choose a car from those that were available. Now they approach the acquisition completely differently – they know exactly what options and finishes they need. So today, the absolute majority of Ukrainian orders pass through the hands of our branch on Bespoke personalization.

– If we talk about the model line, which families are now most in demand?

– Today, we have more than ever a wide model line, led by the Phantom sedan, from which in 2003 the newest history of the brand began. And that over time, overgrown with two-door versions of the Coupe and Drophead Coupe. There is a driver’s sedan Ghost, which can be used without a hired driver. We were pleasantly surprised that this model, in spite of its youth, immediately became so popular: now there are four more “guests” sold than the “phantoms” of the current generation leaving for peace. We also have a great Dawn cabriolet and Wraith coupe-fastback, stylish, emotional, mood-creating. They also allowed to significantly increase sales. Particularly inspired by the great riders of the 30s, the Wraith is the most audacious, dramatic and fast Rolls-Royce in history.

Rolls Royce Phantom According to our information, the eighth-generation Phantom makes its debut immediately on a standard base and in an extended version of the Phantom Extended Wheelbase. But the two-door versions of the Phantom Coupe and Phantom Drophead Coupe may not be – Goodwood believes that the demand is Wraith and Dawn. The power unit at the flagship will remain the same (V12, 6750 cc, 460 hp, 720 Nm), but thanks to the aluminum architecture, which means that at least a quarter of the reduced mass will increase the dynamic performance.
– In January, the last Phantom of the seventh generation was released. What will be the new flagship and when exactly will it appear in showrooms?

– Phantom is a very special car and the unconditional favorite of the entire Rolls-Royce Motor Cars team. After all, it has been produced since 1925 and has become the same symbol of the brand, like the pantheon of the radiator grille and the statuette of the “flying lady”. We can say that this is a car of eternity, in perfect harmony with modernity. However, in a rapidly changing world, the power of technology is a prerequisite for progress in creating the best. This idea was included in the development of the eighth generation model. The project is successfully gaining momentum and acquiring a completely new form, thanks to the unique aluminum architecture, which will eventually become the basis for other models of the brand. The sedan will debut in the fall of 2017, but it will not be the Frankfurt salon.

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