Caution, leaf fall!
With the onset of October, the daylight hours are noticeably decreasing, it rains more often and colds come up. So it's time to carry out car maintenance and remember the…

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Peugeot Citroen Ukraine: 22 new four brands

Although last year the domestic market sank somewhat (86613 against 87634 units), for the French it ended on a positive note. Never before has the PSA Groupe market share been so high during all of its presence in Ukraine – 5.84%. Sales of Peugeot and Citroen increased respectively from 2,413 to 2,636 units. and from 1630 to 2428 units, which corresponds to 3.04% and 2.8% of the market.

“At the end of last year, Peugeot rose two positions up, and Citroen – by five at once. But this is not the limit of our aspirations – said Damien Martan-Kosher, director general of Peugeot Citroen Ukraine, in his opening speech. “With the release of new models and the restarting of brands, we will conquer new market segments.”

What’s next? Plans, if not Napoleonic, then Degoll for sure. Despite the vague sales forecast for 2019 (86-95 thousand cars), PSA plans to occupy 7.8% of the market, selling 7380 cars.

Due to what? According to PCU Service and Parts Director, Alexander Lich, not least due to unified service centers. Now, any of the cars offered by the importer can be served at any of the branded service stations. After all, it is no secret that the DS model line and the latest Opel were not just created on the same global PSA platforms as Peugeot with Citroen, but also with extensive use of the same components. For example, Crossland X and Grandland X differ from 2008 and 3008 by and large only body panels and chassis calibrations.

First of all, this is great news for fans of the long-suffering “Opel”, who for obvious reasons were worried about warranty obligations. But everything is even better than expected – it was Ukraine that became the first country in Eastern Europe where Opel will operate under the wing of PSA Groupe and in strict accordance with the anti-crisis concept developed by it PACE!

And by the end of the year, the number of new 3S-dealerships (sales + service) of the German mark will increase from the current 5 to 11.

Once Opel was in the top-5 of Ukrainian sales and its dealer network consisted of 33 showrooms. Today, the brand flounders on the approaches to the fourth ten.

The model line will be updated a little more than completely – from March until the end of the year 10 new models will be presented at once. Instead of Corsa, Mokka and Zafira, whose life ended abruptly right in January, Ukrainians will see Insignia, Combo Life, Combo YU, Zafira Life, Vivaro, Astra (sedan, hatchback and station wagon), Crossland X and Grandland X.

Opel PSA
The latter has the role of the best-selling brand – “for” they say turbodiesel (1500 cc, 130 hp.), 6MKPP or 8AKPP and price range 668-821 thousand UAH. In turn, the younger brother of the Crossland X will be equipped with a gasoline “turbocharger” (1200 cc, 110 hp) and cost UAH 519-570 thousand.

In addition, the French “returned” to our market “Astra”, which in Ukraine has a strong reputation and fleet prospects. True, there will not be much choice here either – only the “gasoline” 1.4 Turbo Direct Injection (140 hp, 200 Nm), 6-speed MCP and AKP and the Enjoy and Enjoy Pack bundling. The reverse side of the fixed versions is an attractive (455-547 thousand UAH) price. So, considering the growth of the dealer network, the update of the model range and the very attractive pricing sales forecast for this year can be called more than pessimistic – 1,100 pieces. against last year’s 227 units.

At Citroen, this year celebrating the centenary, with sales all in openwork – thanks to the bestsellers C-Elysee (415 pcs.) And C3 (406 pcs.), Sales increased by almost 50%.

The 2019 bet is placed on the C5 Aircross crossover with a 1.6 PureTech 150 gasoline engine and 1.5 BlueHDi 130 S & S diesel engines and a 2.0 HDi 180. The bet would probably have great chances if all-wheel drive was applied to the traditionally unusual design, a host of personalization options and adaptive suspension. transmission instead of imitation. Price for C5 Aircross starts from UAH 730.1 thousand.

The rear crossover will cover the Berlingo cargo van in passenger and cargo versions plus the C3 Aircross and C-Elysee with the new 1.5 BlueHDi 120 and 1.6 VTi 115 engines, respectively.

Citroen PSA
But Peugeot’s bet is not on crossovers, but on a brand new 508 sedan and Partner VU and Rifter Vans, the last of which can only be called a “heel” soulless peyzan. Yes, a business sedan (1.6 PureTech 150, 1.5 BlueHDi 130 2.0 Hdi 180) both from the outside and from the inside looks much more expensive and sportier than it costs, but this segment in our country is rapidly losing its position. In turn, Rifter – initially niche model. You can choose from a pair of diesel engines (1.6 HDi 91 and 1.5 BlueHDi 130), 5- and 7-seater versions, standard and extended base.

In addition, the updated version of the Sicicar 208 with a 110-horsepower PureTech motor and automatic transmission will invigorate sales. In turn, the 301st will receive a 1.6-liter 110-strong aspirated and “mechanics”, and 2008 and 3008 in the complete set of Signature and Peugeot diesel 1.5-liter 130-horsepower engines and 8АКП.

Caution, leaf fall!
With the onset of October, the daylight hours are noticeably decreasing, it rains more often and colds come up. So it's time to carry out car maintenance and remember the…


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