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New Renault Hope in Russia – Arkana Budget Cross Coupe

For the first time, they actively talked about Arkan last year, and in the fall a show car was shown at the Moscow Motor Show. Within the framework of a very modest exposition, this was undoubtedly the brightest and most memorable premiere. The appearance of the car, presented in the original form factor – compact cross-coupe – in reality turned out to be even more intriguing: none of the automakers offers anything like this in this segment.

True, the interior of the novelty was still not declassified, and the technical information on possible modifications was very scarce and contradictory. It became known for certain only that Arkana will be produced at the Renault plant in Moscow, and they will use the deserved Global Access platform as a basis (otherwise B0), but they will thoroughly modernize it.

Since last autumn, Renault tried to constantly stir up interest in the new product, giving out information in a very metered way, slowly opening the veil of “Secrets” (Arcanum – “secret” in Latin). Gradually, it became known that the turbo engine would still be that all-wheel drive versions would appear, tests of pre-production prototypes were even conducted, and in April Rosstandard published the Vehicle Type Approval (OTTS). But only today, within the framework of the last presentation, all data were summarized and consolidated, and the Arcana Salon was finally demonstrated.

From the prototype presented at the Moscow Motor Show, the serial cross-coupe Renault Arkana differs only slightly: there are no more diluted exhaust pipes, the mirrors are larger, and the wheels are 17-inch. But its main features – sloping roof, kupeobrazny silhouette, arrogant “physiognomy” with the original shape of the headlights – Arkan retained. For this one-of-a-kind design, thank you to tell Renault Chief Designer Lawrence van den Acker

Platform and suspension
A question that worried so many: Is Arkana built on the ancient B0 platform? Yes and no. Now the French call it Global Access, or the New Modular Platform. The percentage of use of high-strength steels in the body structure increased from 20 to 35%, the degree of Russian localization – up to 60% (in the near future it will be brought to 70%), and the hydraulic booster gave way to electric (effort in parking modes reduced by 40%). Borrowed without changing the components and assemblies in Arkan about 45%, the other parts – new. What does it mean? For example, the architecture of the front suspension – from Kaptur, but with new springs, shock absorbers and 30% more rigid anti-roll bar. Behind all-wheel-drive versions there is an independent suspension, the same subframe with the same clutch, but again with other elastic elements: the stabilizer has become half as rigid. In front-wheel Arkan rear – traditional torsion beam, but also with new settings.

What is under the hood? What are the gearboxes? Type of drive?
The main feature is the ability to order Arkana with the new 1.3 liter 150 strong (250 Nm) H5H turbo engine, developed in cooperation with Daimler (M282 according to the Mercedes-style classification, installed on A and B classes). In Europe, it is called Renault 1.33 TCe (in displacement), and we will have the name 150 TSE (in power). The French have big plans for this engine: it is expected that by 2020 it will become one of the main ones, and the number of units produced will be over 1.5 million. By the way, these engines – at least for now – will be brought to us from the Spanish plant of the company, in Moscow their production has not yet been established.

Engine 150 TSE

The main feature of this motor is considered the original compact triangular head of the block. It, by the way, like the direct injection system, was developed by the Germans from Daimler. Above the aluminum cylinder block and SHPG worked specialists from Renault. The engine H5H – maintenance-free double-row chain drive timing, built-in intake manifold and catalytic converter. There are systems for adjusting the timing of the intake and exhaust. Despite the high technology, reliability engineers put it on par with the proven 2.0-liter “aspirated”. Turbo can consume 92nd gasoline.

From Mexico will supply a new for the platform B0 variator Jatco JF016E. At first, all turbocharged Arcana will be equipped with just such a gearbox (the “mechanics” are promised later, until this version is even certified). The path, by the way, is beaten: from there, these transmissions for the petrol Nissan Qashqai and X-Trail, as well as the Renault Koleos are brought. But negotiations on the local production of these units are underway. The new CVT is able to digest the moment of 250 Nm, and can also be docked with both front and all-wheel drive. That is, the most powerful Arcana can be bought in both 2WD and 4WD versions.

In addition to the modification with the new engine, the dealers will also have versions with the engine-transmission pairs already familiar to us. Thus, the base will be Arkan with a 1.6 liter 114 strong (156 Nm) power unit H4M. Front-wheel drive versions will be equipped with 5-speed “mechanics” or “old” CVT Jatco JF015.

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