Auto motodinyuzhna: cars with engines from bikes and vice versa
Reasons for building a car with a motorcycle engine can be, as a rule, two. The first of them - reducing the cost of budget cars. If for our "Oka"…

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Test drive Haval F7. Are Chinese cars starting to catch up with smartphones?
Cars from the new F series, in contrast to the models with the H index, are aimed at a young audience that values ​​modern technologies. Actually, the letter F, according…

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Mercedes-Benz Star Roadshow Experience: a show with stars
As a rule, the last day of summer is a sad holiday. But not this year. As if in a hurry to acquaint us with the novelties of the autumn…

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Hybrid Toyota Succeed. Who, if not she?

The Probox / Succeed family has a hybrid version. For some reason, Toyota itself, the leading figure of hybridization of vehicles, has not yet had a hybrid cargo-working “workhorse”. Today, your attention is invited to a report about such a firstborn.

One of the wonders of the world autoworld
21 years ago, in 1997, the first Prius was born, and its famous advertising phrase, “I managed to do it by the 21st century”, is still widely known.

– What? .. insert a gasoline engine and an electric motor into one car – are you in your mind? They generally work on a different principle! – so some engineers of competing companies responded at that time – either out of sincere delusion, or understanding their own inability to create something similar.

The line of hybrid modification Toyota Saksid is presented by the same four complete sets, as model with the petrol engine. In other words, a similar configuration can be selected in the gasoline and hybrid versions
Who would have imagined at the time that hybrids would later become the most sought-after technology in the automotive world, as de facto today shows their mass use not only for a significant number of mass-produced cars, but also for the top of motor racing – Formula 1 cars.

Regardless of body color interior in all trim levels black
The starting point for the development of the above-described Prius was the task of “realizing maximum fuel efficiency” – the essence of this technology is that the electric motor can support the main engine in difficult situations for it.

In the TX configuration, plastic wheel covers are supplied as a base case. Stamped discs are painted black. The tested car was equipped with Dunlop SP175L tires size 155 / 80R14
It is quite logical and understandable that such a technology was prepared for an early and widespread introduction. However, paradoxically, it was in the class of commercial vehicles that hybrid systems could not make their way. And the fact that the production of hybrids for so long was postponed precisely at the Probox / Saksidov, the Japanese representatives of the “workhorse”, can be said until recently was one of the “seven wonders of the world” of the automobile world.

Body dimensions (length / width / height) are 4245/1690/1525 mm, base is 2550 mm
But finally, these two cargo-and-passenger models in the line have hybrid options. And we just had to quickly consider a modification that would seem to be, but has not existed in this world so far.

By appearance, the difference does not understand
First of all, it must be said that the long-awaited hybrid versions of Prox / Saxid are not so easy to distinguish from ordinary models in appearance.

The driving position is distinguished by large government bodies. Good visibility combined with practicality: a lot of compartments for different things
Nowadays, when hybrids lost their once “special status” and turned into “ordinary cars”, there is nothing strange in the fact that although Probox / Saksid waited for the introduction of hybrid technology, their exterior design remained “just normal”.

For rest and short sleep, the car provides the opportunity to tilt the back of the front seats to 76 degrees. The seat cushion height is 585 mm from the ground, which makes it comfortable to get in and out.
Once upon a time, the Toyota Prius, the world’s first-born hybrid mass-produced model, won the right to its own design: a slightly green headlight and transparent rear headlamps. That is, Toyota used to carry out individual cosmetic modifications for the hybrids of the headlights so that the car could be distinguished at a glance from the “just gasoline” fellows.

The rear seats are not too wide, as the car has a commercial purpose, the maximum capacity is five people. Under the seats is a nickel-hydride rechargeable battery
But here in Corkbox / Saxid such special care is no longer visible. Perhaps it was the fact that the machines belong to the class of “unskilled workers”. And these machines are often the Master and Driver – not the same person.

Between the front seats there is enough space to put a briefcase. Salon as a whole – typical for commercial vehicles
Incidentally, the fact that commercial vehicles “a person who pays for gasoline and a person at the wheel are different people” did not become the main reason that determined the delay in the appearance of their hybrid versions. That is, in a situation where: “the cheaper the purchase of a car is, the better,” says the Boss, and the Driver: “no matter how much money will be spent on fuel,” it is quite natural that the fuel efficiency of hybrid cars in this class was hard come to the fore.

If the owner is also a driver
However, as Toyota herself says, an interesting feature of Probox / Saksid is that these machines have a lot of “non-hired” users.

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