New Renault Hope in Russia - Arkana Budget Cross Coupe
For the first time, they actively talked about Arkan last year, and in the fall a show car was shown at the Moscow Motor Show. Within the framework of a…

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RR top manager Frank Timann: we combined 4x4 with luxury architecture
Her Majesty's subjects love their heritage, their history and traditions. And multiply them to the best of their abilities and capabilities. A spring visit to the capital of Frank Timann,…

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Over 2 million for a hot hatch from Hyundai. Is it a lot or a little?
Where are you, those happy times, when the Russian buyer was offered a whole scattering of powerful and fast hatchbacks of a golf class for every taste and color? Irrevocably…

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Total and Citroen: half a century at the peak

In September 1968, Total and Citroen signed an agreement on commercial and technological partnership, which includes the joint development of the full range of technical fluids – from engine and transmission oils to coolants and brake fluids. Particularly emphasized the need to create a sports structure, where the specialists of both companies worked hand in hand – both partners viewed auto racing as a testing ground for creating and testing new technologies. Since then, the fate of Total and Citroen is inextricably linked with motor racing.

Why did the choice of petrochemists fall on the brainchild of Andre Citroen? Because “chevrons” were the most daring, innovative and creative in the automotive market. Their cars did not just set the standards – often they were ahead of their time both aesthetically and technologically.

Citroen Total 50
In turn, Citroen, whose plans were truly Napoleonic, was looking for a reliable and high-tech partner. Indeed, in the manufacturer’s portfolio, in addition to individual revolutionary components, such as a hydropneumatic suspension and a rotary-piston engine, there was a whole generation of new models. By the time the agreement was signed, Chevrons closed a deal to acquire Maserati, which specialized in sports and representative cars. So, in the very near future, they will need higher-grade semi-synthetic lubricants, with which Total has worked. Plus, work on the SM, the first own model of the Grand Tourismo category, was in full swing. At the same time, the GS was being prepared – the most technological compact car of its time, eventually becoming the “car of the year” (SM took third place).

“After 50 years of working together, we can be proud of our teams of enthusiasts, their great contribution to this great success story. – stressed on the eve of the anniversary of the executive director of Citroen Linda Jackson. “Citroen and Total have a lot of projects to work together, we will continue to do everything we can to give our customers a feeling of complete peace of mind on the road.”

Citroen Total 50
“We, together with two companies, are looking for solutions to issues related to the environment, technology, and autosport of the future. – echoes Mathieu Sulas, CEO of Total Lubrifiants. “The path we have already traveled together allows us to talk about our commitment to excellence and the development of customer-oriented innovations. For many productive years, Total and Citroen have always been able to find solutions to topical issues. ”

That is why for half a century already everywhere – on the covers of gas tanks and on the plugs of oil tanks, on the rear windows of Citroens and in their advertising brochures, the elegant slogan “Citroen prefers Total” flaunts in French. This confidence is guaranteed by a multitude of titles in a wide variety of motor sport disciplines – in classic rally, rally-cross and rally raids, in formula and mountain races, in transcontinental marathons and expeditions around the globe.

"Sport" for a million: Vesta Sport vs Toyota GT86 and Turbo-Rapid
For those who remember Grant for 230,000 rubles in 2011, the idea of ​​giving one million rubles for Vesta seems wild, of course. As well as those who prefer something…


1987 Nissan Skyline R31. From the Quartet to the G8
Was the Skyline R31 revolutionary? Rather, it was the result of evolution - technical, marketing. As we remember, in the late 60s Nissan successfully entered motor racing, and with it…